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Latest Gerbils For Sale

Common types of gerbil: Mongolian Gerbil, Shaw's Jird, Libyan Jird, Sundevall's Jird, Persian Jird, Midday Gerbil, Tamarisk Gerbil, Pallid Gerbil, Cheesman's Gerbil , Lesser Egyptian Gerbil, Greater Egyptian Gerbil, Charming Dipodil, The Rock Gerbil, Wagner's Dipodil, Baluchistan Gerbil, Burton's Gerbil, Duprasi or Fat-Tailed Gerbil, Bushy-Tailed Jird, The Slender Gerbil, Emin's Gerbil, Indian Gerbil, The Guinea Gerbil, Kemp's Gerbil, Bushveld Gerbil, Fat Sand Rat ,Brauer's Gerbil, The Great Gerbil

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Gerbils for sale

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Gerbil points of interest

Male gerbils can be much easier to pair up than females. Males may be protective towards smaller gerbils so introducing a single male to one or more 5 week old is usually very easy. If you are doing this you may not need to wait three days.

Female gerbils can be much more aggressive than males. Give them longer to get used to one another.

Never introduce a gerbil to a group of adult gerbils or try to introduce two groups of adults. Fighting is almost inevitable.

Because females can be so aggressive it is usually best to keep females in pairs whilst males can be kept in larger groups without much trouble.

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