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Latest Quail For Sale

Japanese Quail & Chinese Quail for sale

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We have point of lay Japanese Quail for sale. Quail has relatively small space requirements and their eggs are very healthy and of a wonderful tase. We can give you all the advice on keeping quail if required. Price: 4.00 each.Japanese Quail fertile eggs for hatching available 3.00./ dozen +PP

01792386239 ( near Swansea)

6th october

I have quite a few Texas A&M Quails for sale. I hatched these my self and they are all nice strong birds.They are excellent egg & meat producers but they would also make ideal pets as they are very friendly. Ideal if you want to produce your own fresh eggs. Compared to chickens they are more economical as well because for every 1 pound of eggs a texas hen will eat less than 2 pounds of food while chicken would have 3 pounds of food for the same pound of eggs.I have birds from different lots so you could have urelated birds if you wanted to breed them yourself. They are all fed on organic bird feed.They are bigger than normal italian-japanese quails and the eggs they produce are also bigger.They start laying at about six weeks old.They also lay more frequently than Japanese-Italian quails (over 300 eggs a year).If you are interested please give me a ring or email me. I would be willing to deliver within a reasonable distance at a pre arranged cost or you are very welcome if you want to collect from Wolverhampton.

Please Ring 01902685387 or email me at pamboskissousa@hotmail.co.uk

Bilston, Wolverhampton, West Midlands

Date: 23rd July


Californian, Adult Pair 40, Young Californian Pairs 30
Bluescale 100 a pair
Texas A&M  (white) 14 a pair
Chinese Painted Face All Colours) 3 each
Japanese 12 a pair
Jumbo 12 a pair
Also Fertile Hatching Eggs For Sale

We Are Located In Ayrshire
Please Call For Details 07732528843
Date: 3rd June

Japanese and Golden Quail for sale from 5 week old up, They start laying eggs from 8 week on. Small and large orders taken. Birds can be booked in advance, regular customers welcome.

Japanese 5 each
Golden Giants 7.50 each

Chickens also available.
Paul: 01455 552401

Quail for sale : Chinese

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Common Quail Species:

Bobwhite (Colinus virginanus)
Chinese Painted (Button) Quail
(Coturnix (Excalifactoria) chinensis)
Coturnix (Japanese or Pharaoh) Quail
Gambel's Quail (C. gambelii)
Mearn's Quail (Cytonyx montezuma)
Mountain Quail (Oreortyx pictus)
Scaled Quail (Callipepla squamata)
California Valley Quail (C. califormica) 

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